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The Line Counter is a tool for calculating lines of your code files. The tool was written in .NET 2.0.


Line Counter 1.5.5
Fixed bugs in C# counter and General counter, added support for counting .txt files.

Line Counter 1.5.2
Added General Code Counter which provides basic count feature of ".cs", ".js", ".java" and ".c" files.
Line Counter 1.5.1
Added outline icons and line number of each block.

Outline with icon and line count

Line Counter 1.5 (Code Outline Preview)
This version contains preview of the code outline feature, you can now view C# code outline within Line Counter.
Note that the code outline now only support parsing of namespace and non-generic class, more keywords and features will be added in later releases.

How to view the code outline
Right click a file in the Line Counter and select "Show Count Result";

Right click a file in the Line Counter and select "Show Count Result"

In the dialog select "Outline".

In the dialog select "Outline"

Line Counter 1.2 (Alpha 2) is released!

Line Counter Alpha 2 is released, if you interested in it, please give us your feedback to help us make the tool better. See Line Counter Alpha 2 Features

These features will be added before beta 2 (version
  • Visual Studio 2005 solution/project file import;
  • Java file line counter;
  • Java Script file line counter;
  • CSS file line counter;
  • Plain text file line counter;
  • Help Document;

If you just want a simple C# code file line counter, you can try the Aplha 1 version, see Line Counter Alpha 1 Features here.

We welcome anyone interested to get involved, please post your information in the Project Management Forum in the discussions tab, and tell us what you want to help.

Help Document

The help documents is still under contraction, please go to Documentation page to check out.


If you like LineCounter and find it's helpful, please consider making a donation to the project. Your donation will help support the further development of the LineCounter project. Please click the image below to make a donation.


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